SFB 837 - RD SME Webinar: Applications of Machine Learning Processes in Tunnel Construction


On July 20th, 2021 the SFB 837 webinar on "Applications of Machine Learning Processes in Tunnel Construction" will take place.

The webinar consists of 3 lectures:

“Why Reinforcement Learning-Based Process Optimisation should be used in Conventional Tunnelling”
by Prof. Thomas Marcher, M.Sc. Georg Erharter (Rock Mechanics & Tunneling, TU Graz, Austria)

“Innovative Field Monitoring Tools for Big Data Acquisition and Image-Based Deep Learning in Tunnel Engineering”
by Dr. Zili Li (Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering, University College Cork, Ireland)

“Real-Time Analysis of Soil-Structure Interactions in Mechanized Tunneling using Artificial Neural Networks”
by Dr.-Ing. Ba Trung Cao (Structural Mechanics, RUB, Germany)

A short summary of the presentations and the zoom link can be found in the flyer.

Participation in the webinar is free of charge and possible without registration.
We kindly ask you to use your true name and to switch off your microphone during the lecture. Thank you!


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