Dr.-Ing. Hoang Giang Bui
Ruhr University Bochum
Institute for Structural Mechanics
IC / 6 / 163
Universitätsstraße 150
44801 Bochum

Email: giang.bui@rub.de
Tel: 0234 / 32-29056

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Summer semester 2020:

1. Object-oriented Modelling and Implementation of Structural Analysis Software (MSc-CE-WP10) / Objektorientierte Modellierung und Programmierung der Finite-Elemente-Methode (MSc-BI-W39)

2. Recent Advances in Numerical Modelling and Simulation (Msc-BI-W35, MSc-CE-W)

Supervised master theses

1. Nguyễn Thời Mỹ Hạnh, Implementation of preconditioned iterative solvers for large sparse matrix on GPU using CUBLAS and CUSPARSE library, 2013.

2. Ramachandran Aravinth, Parallel Adaptive Finite Element Simulation using Distributed Quad-Tree/Oct-Tree, 2016.

3. Nguyễn Hải Hoàn, Contact Mechanics for TBM-Ground Interaction in Mechanized Tunneling, 2016.

4. Oguzhan Topaloglu, Development of an user-friendly application interface for NURBS-based Finite Element Analysis, 2016.

5. Harinder Reddy Chepyala, Large Scale Topology Optimization, 2017.

6. Huỳnh Đông Giang, Phase-field Approach for Fracture in thin Plates and Shells, 2017.

7. Wang Bin, Dynamics Analysis of Beam and Shell Structures using the Isogeometric Method, 2017.

8. Homam Spartali, Application of Finite Cell Method for Contact Mechanics Problems, 2018.

9. Kerem Cifti, Condition number estimation and preconditioning strategy of the finite cell method based on fictitious domain approach for second order elliptic problems, 2018

10. Xinmeng Chen, Efficient immersogeometric cut-cell quadrature based on moment fitting for material nonlinear analysis, 2019

11. Krunal Raval, An Isogeometric Approach for Tunnel Engineering Simulation, 2019

12. Yaman Zendaki, Adaptive Mesh Refinement using Octrees for Finite Cell Simulation, 2019


    Scientific Publications in Refereed Journals

    [ 1 ] Jelena Ninic, Abdullah Alsahly, Andre Vonthron, Hoang-Giang Bui, Christian Koch, Markus König, and Günther Meschke
    From digital models to numerical analysis for mechanised tunnelling: a fully automated design-through-analysis workflow
    Tunneling and Underground Space Technology, 107:103622, 2021
    DOI ]
    [ 2 ] Jelena Ninic, Hoang Giang Bui, and G�nther Meschke
    Bim-to-iga: A fully automatic design-through-analysis workflow for segmented tunnel linings
    Advanced Engineering Informatics, 46:101137, 2020
    DOI | http ]
    [ 3 ] G.D. Huynh, X. Zhuang, H.G. Bui, G. Meschke, and H. Nguyen-Xuan
    Elasto-plastic large deformation analysis of multi-patch thin shells by isogeometric approach
    Finite Elements in Analysis and Design, 173:103389, 2020
    DOI | http ]
    [ 4 ] H. G. Bui, D. Schillinger, and G. Meschke
    Efficient cut-cell quadrature based on moment fitting for materially nonlinear analysis
    Computer Method in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 366:113050, 2020
    [ 5 ] H. G. Bui and G. Meschke
    A parallelization strategy for hydro-mechanically coupled mechanized tunneling simulations
    Computers and Geotechnics, 120:103378, 2020
    DOI ]
    [ 6 ] J. Ninić, H. G. Bui, C. Koch, and G. Meschke
    Computationally efficient simulation in urban mechanized tunneling based on multilevel bim models
    Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, 33(3):04019007, 2019
    DOI | arXiv ]
    [ 7 ] J. Ninic, H. G. Bui, and G. Meschke
    Parametric design and isogeometric analysis of tunnel linings within the building information modelling framework
    In EG IC 2019 26th Int. Workshop on Intelligent Computing in Engineering, volume 2394, 2019
    .pdf ]
    [ 8 ] G.H. Bui, D. Schillinger, and G. Meschke
    Application of finite cell method to tunnel engineering simulation
    Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (PAMM), 18:e201800011, 2018
    DOI ]

    Scientific Publications in Conference Proceedings

    [ 9 ] H. G. Bui, A. Alsahly, J. Ninić, and G. Meschke
    Bim-based model generation and high performance simulation of soil-structure interaction in mechanized tunnelling
    In The Fifth International Conference on Parallel, Distributed, Grid and Cloud Computing for Engineering (PARENG 2017), page Paper 44, 2017
    [ 10 ] H. G. Bui and G. Meschke
    Study on performance of parallel solvers for coupled simulations of partially saturated soils in tunnel engineering application
    In The Fourth International Conference on Parallel, Distributed, Grid and Cloud Computing for Engineering (PARENG 2015), page Paper 36, 2015
    [ 11 ] Y. Zhan, H.G. Bui, J. Ninić, S.A. Mohseni, and G. Meschke
    Numerical modeling of steel fiber reinforced concrete on the meso- and macro-scale
    In N. Bićanić, H. Mang, G. Meschke, and R. de Borst, editors, Computational Modelling of Concrete Structures (Proceedings of EURO-C 2014), pages 579--586. CRC Press/Balkema, NL, 2014