SFB Webinar: Integration of Cad & Computational Analysis – Finite Cells Versus Finite Elements


On November 3rd, 2021 the SFB 837 webinar on " Integration of Cad & Computational Analysis – Finite Cells Versus Finite Elements" will take place.

The webinar consists of 1 keynot and 3 lectures:

Integration Of Geometry and Analysis Re-Designed: The Power of Immersed Boundary Methods
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Ernst Rank (Computation in Engineering, Technical University of Munich, Germany)

Finite Cell Method in Geotechnical Application: Development & Case Studies
Ph.D. Hoang-Giang Bui (Structural Mechanics, RUB, Germany)

Geometric Multigrid Preconditioners for the Finite Cell Method
M. Sc. Poria Saberi (High Performance, Computing in the Engineering Sciences, RUB Germany)

Finite-Cell-Method for the Simulation of Ductile Crack Propagation through Metallic Microstructures of Mining Tools
M. Sc. Dennis Wingender (Continuum Mechanics, RUB, Germany)

A short summary of the presentations and the zoom link can be found in the flyer.

Participation in the webinar is free of charge and possible without registration.

We kindly ask you to use your true name and to switch off your microphone during the lecture. Thank you!


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