Workshop Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Fracture


In the run-up to the Workshop "Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Fracture" Prof. Michael Ortiz will give a guest lecture on "Multiscale Modeling And Simulation Of Fracture And Fragmentation – Application To Fused Silica Glass".

The Guest Lecture by Prof. Ortiz is followed by four presentations by Ph.D. and PostDoc researchers:

  • Coupled Two-Scale Simulation Of Multiphase Steel
    A. Gandhi and D. Balzani

  • Variational Interface Model In Solid And Hydraulic Fracturing Problems
    I. Khisamitov and G. Meschke

  • A Relaxation-Based Approach To Damage Modeling
    P. Junker and K. Hackl

  • Multiscale Modeling Of Transport And Deterioration In Porous Materials
    J.J. Timothy and G. Meschke


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