RUB Research School RUB Comp-Eng RUB RD SME RUB AGES SFB 837 FOR 1498 ASCE - EMI SPP 1886 EURO-C 2018

Master of Science (Computational Engineering)

Compulsory Courses

Lecture Lecturers Term
Finite Element Methods for Linear Structural Mechanics Günther Meschke, Assistenten 1

Selectable Courses - Numerical Methods

Lecture Lecturers Term
Advanced Finite Element Methods Günther Meschke, Assistenten 2
Finite Element Methods for Nonlinear Analysis of Inelastic Materials and Structures Günther Meschke, Assistenten 2
Numerical Simulation in Tunnelling Günther Meschke, Assistenten 2

Selectable Courses - Additional

Lecture Lecturers Term
Dynamic of Structures Günther Meschke, Rüdiger Höffer 3